Our partner: Tribord

Our partner: Tribord

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tribord logo big Tribord is a brand of clothing and equipment for sailing that was founded in 1996, whose headquarters are located in the town of Hendaye in the French Basque country on the border with Spain.

The clothing of this brand is well known to all European lovers of yachting, Tribord is sold in stores of the company "Decathlon", which are more than 1000 worldwide, including Russia. Tribord firmly took the place of the "first brand", which is bought by novice sailing enthusiasts, and this brand is gaining popularity among yachtsmen pro-level.

The very elements of the waters of the Bay of Biscay help specialists Tribord embody creative and innovative ideas in creating products for sailing. The Tribord's slogan is "Designed by water".

Beginning in May 2018, the most technologically advanced line of the Tribord, the 900 series, will appear in Decatlon stores in Russia. If before the Russian lovers of yachting and sailing were available only the initial series of 100 or more advanced series of 500, now the choice has expanded. The 900th series of Tribord clothing will be thoroughly tested by Fedor Druzhinin during qualifying competitions and voyages in the Atlantic.

Choose sailing clothes or shoes Tribord in Russia: https://www.decathlon.ru/C-251530-jekipirovka-dlja-jahtinga

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