Our media partner: "Sport-Express"

Our media partner: "Sport-Express"

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"Sport-Express" is one of the most popular and authoritative sports medias in Russia.

The resources of the Publishing House include the daily newspaper "Sport-Express", thematic special editions, the internet portal , Internet TV and mobile applications. The daily newspaper "Sport-Express" was founded in 1991. In 1999, the Internet edition of the newspaper was born.

Since 2001, "Sport-Express" is the only sports publication in Russia who is a member of the European Sports Magazines Association. Under the brand "Sport-Express" a number of sport programs for Internet TV and mobile applications have been created.

Since 1999, the publishing house "Sport-Express" organises one of the largest football tournament among amateur "courtyard" teams (TDK) , as a part of the corporate social responsibility project. Since March 2016, "Sport Express" is a member of the "National Media Group" holding.

Since March 2018 Sport Express acts as information partner of the "Fedor Druzhinin-Mini Transat 2019". News, articles and all interesting information of our project are published both in the "Sport Express" itself and also in its social networks and groups, making information about our project accessible to a wide range of domestic sports fans.

Follow our news on Sport-Express website in “Sailing” and “Extreme Sports” sections.

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