Mini en mai: 500 miles of struggle
June 01, 2018

Mini en mai: 500 miles of struggle

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64 racers, 500 miles, 5 days and.. 10th place in proto division!

Not every day you can be a pioneer: but in the second race of the season in the Mini 6.50 class, I became the first participant in the history of this competition from Russia!

mini en mai

At the start of the race were 64 participants, who competed in two divisions: serial yachts and prototypes. Despite the good weather during the race, four sailors retreated: one collided at night with a fishing trawler, the other was forced to leave because of an injury and two more yachts left the race due to technical problems.

It was quite hard race for all participants of the race: weak winds several times turned all tactics into a mess, squeezing and mixing the fleet: tails of the fleet caught up with the leading group, and they had to start all over again. For the last 36 hours of the race I slept, probably not more than two hours, and I remember the finish as in a fog.

The race has went for me relatively well: despite the error at the start and technical problems with the ballast system, I managed not to lose the leading group. At a distance it seemed many times that everything was lost and I was finishing among the tail of the fleet, but the stubborn struggle to the last miles allowed me to show a decent result.

Pre-race 1000-mile qualification allowed me to begin to reveal the high-speed potential of my boat. I'm sure the 10th place in the division is not the limit for me and her.

The successful completion of the Mini en Mai 2018 and the qualif miles will allow me to get the ticket for the main competition of the season - the 2500 mile ocean race SAS 2018, which will take the route Sable d'Olonne (France) - Horta (Azores) - Sablon d'Olonne France). The start of the regatta is scheduled for July 22.

I look with great optimism at our chances in SAS. In fact, my boat was built forthe conditions that can be expected in this race: unlike yachts that are optimized for downwind, 759 "KIDS 4 FREEDOM" feels great on reaching and upwind. I look forward to it!

(Photo by Bernard Bodin)

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